5 Ways to Create a Cinco Celebration with Your Kids 🌮

If you know anything about us over here, you know that we’re always looking for a reason to celebrate and Cinco de Mayo is no different! I mean seriously, how can you pass up such a fiesta?! 💃🏼

We believe that with just a little extra effort you can make an ordinary day feel so special for your kids and it really brings some extra joy in the home.

Here’s a few ways you can create a DIY Cinco Celebration with your kiddos this year:

  1. TACO NIGHT (obviously) 🌮

This one might sound like a no brainer, but you can take it up a notch by creating a full Mexican spread. Splurge on the extra toppings that you usually don’t buy – queso, guac, allll the tortilla chips – so it feels like a true restaurant style experience!

2. Full on Fiesta 💃🏼

Is any celebration ever complete without a backdrop for a photo op? (the answer is no!) You can easily DIY this with colorful streamers from your local dollar store and a few Amazon balloons. Here’s some inspo for ya:

3. Buy and Read a Festive Book at Bedtime

Some of our favorite options include: Dragons Love Tacos, Chicks and Salsa, Cinco de Mouse-o!, El Perro con Sombrero or Mango, Abuela, and Me – you can get most of these on Amazon!

4. Teach your child some simple Spanish words and phrases:

  • Hello = Hola
  • Goodbye = Adios
  • Please = Por favor
  • Thank you = Gracias
  • You’re welcome = De nada
  • How are you? = ¿Cómo estás?
  • Good = Bien
  • Yes = Si
  • No = No

5. And if you wanna make it a real fun time, pull out the Piñata 🥳

Grab a donkey piñata from your local party store and pack it full of healthy snacks. Then let your child take a whack at it!

Whether you keep things simple or make it extravagant, Cinco de Mayo is a great opportunity to introduce your child to another culture and give them the opportunity to be creative!

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