DO’s, DON’Ts and MUST HAVES for Your DIY Balloon Arch 🎈

Balloon arches have become all the rage lately when it comes to parties and festivities and we are SO here for it! They’re a fun and easy way to bring all the colorful vibes to your event.

While there are plenty of companies you can pay to create balloon arches for you, if you’re ballin’ on a budget (or just enjoy DIY projects) you can absolutely make your own quickly and affordably.

We’ve personally been incorporating more balloon arches in our client events so we’ve discovered the DO’s, the DON’Ts and MUST HAVES for DIY balloon arches 🎈Follow these tips and you’re sure to wow your crowd!


  • Allow yourself plenty of time for the project

Although balloon arches are pretty simple to put together, until you do it a few times, it can take up to 2 hours (from experience) to do it correctly. Plan ahead so you don’t have to rush and your creation turns out exactly how you imagine!

  • Have a plan

Before you start creating your balloon arch, have a plan for what you want it to look like. Does your event have a theme or color scheme? If so, head to Pinterest and search for examples for what you want your decor to look like. That way when you’re creating your own, you have something to go off of!

  • Incorporate Numbers, Letters, Objects & Shapes

One of the best ways to make your balloon arch stand out is to incorporate number, letter, object or shape balloons that coordinate with your event. For example, the picture below was something we recently did for a space cowgirl themed bachelorette party so we incorporated disco balls and stars to fill up more space!


  • Buy cheap balloons

We get it – it’s tempting to head to Dollar Tree and stock up on their balloons because they’re cheap. While it sounds like a good idea, trust us when we say that these balloons will not be your friend when you start adding them to your arch. They’re very thin and tend to pop easily.

You’ll be way better off when you buy your balloons from your local party store or even Amazon (that’s where we get ours!)

  • Make it more complicated than it has to be

Like we said earlier, balloon arches have become all the rage and because of that there are a TON of tutorials out there for how to create them. After reviewing, we noticed that most of the tutorials require a lot of unnecessary materials making the project seem much more complicated than it really is.

After a few experiences, we’ve nailed down the MUST HAVES for this quick + easy DIY project and listed them below so you can confidently create your own!


  • Electric Balloon Pump

For the sake of your sanity (and quite honestly your health 🀣), please don’t blow up balloons by mouth. Do yourself a favor and purchase one of these bad boys to make your job 10x easier. This also works for number and letter balloons so it’s a really good appliance to have on hand.

  • Balloon Garland Tape

Remember when we said not to make it more complicated than it needs to be? Well, this balloon garland tape will help you with that! A lot of tutorials we’ve seen say to use fishing line, special wire or tape, specific stands, etc. From experience we’ve found that the garland tape is really all that you need to make the perfect arch!

  • Different Balloon Sizes

This is really key to making your balloon arch look like all of the extravagant, expensive ones that you see on social media right now. There are a ton of balloon arch kits on Amazon that will have different sizes for you, but if you want to build yours from scratch, keep this in mind.

  • Theme or Color Scheme

Like we mentioned earlier, having a plan is KEY! When you know your theme or color scheme you can easily search for inspiration and usually find an Amazon kit that matches to make your life easier.

We hope this gives you confidence to create your own balloon arch without breaking the bank! Don’t forget to tag us in your creations on Instagram πŸ₯³

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