5 Reasons To Have a Photo Op At Your Event

For as long as we (The Stella Sisters) can remember, we’ve both been OBSESSED with finding or creating a picture perfect backdrop and photo op for all the things in our life. 

Birthday parties, Christmas parties, weddings, on vacation with our family (see below 🤣), in our living room, backyard, strolling down the street on a random Tuesday afternoon – we’re talking anywhere and everywhere, we want a good photo op. 

Exhibit A:

photo op
A casual family vacay 🤣

I mean heck, we created a whole business out of this obsession.

We proudly embrace being #extra especially when it’s in the name of making moments – for ourselves and for others. 

But we understand that not everyone has this crazy obsession.

We acknowledge that everyone isn’t constantly eyeing a blank wall imagining how they can create a beautiful backdrop out of it. We know that some people aren’t nearly concerned with getting an Instagram worthy picture everywhere they go. And that most people don’t think twice about what they take a picture in front of. 

And while it might not seem so serious, and definitely doesn’t have to be, we believe there are 5 strong reasons that it’s important to put some extra thought and effort into an intentional photo op at your events. 

Our hope here at Stella Selfie and Snooze is that you find the inspiration you need to make moments and memories that will last forever with those you love, because at the end of the day, when the balloons are popped and the party’s over, that’s what we’re all about. 

  1. Photo Ops Serve As Entertainment and Activity 

Have you ever been to a party or gathering and you don’t really know what to do? There aren’t any activities or entertainment planned and everyone is just sort of standing around awkwardly… yeah, that’s the worst. And that’s the exact opposite of what we want for your events.

When you create an intentional photo op at your event, you’re also creating a moment of entertainment for people. Most people love to snap a picture, especially when the photo op has been thought through and matches the theme. You can provide props to bring that extra layer of fun for your guests and know that you’ve provided something that brings joy.

  1. Your Guests Receive Captured Memories

You know how we said at the end of the day we’re all about making moments and memories? Photo ops give your guests a way to remember the event long after it’s over. You help them capture laughter and fun with those they love and it’s something they can keep forever.

Which leads us to…

  1. Photos Can Double As Party Favors

Party favors are an extra special touch that might be unexpected for your guests and the best part is that you don’t have to go overboard or spend extra money to provide them.

Photos can actually double as party favors by providing the opportunity for your guests to snap a polaroid picture. They can then write the date and occasion on the film and take it home to remember the night forever.

If you don’t already have a polaroid camera, we recommend this one!

  1. Photo Ops Can Be Your Main Decor Piece

If you can’t already tell, we’re all about knocking out two birds with one stone and your party decor is no different. A common misconception about photo ops is that they have to be a totally separate set up and an extra thing that you have to think about. To that we say, no way!

With any party, event or celebration, you’re likely already planning to have decor – whether that be balloons, streamers, banners, etc. – and when you do it right, you can create a photo op with your decor alone and it can serve as the main piece. 

For example, a balloon arch is great decor for an entryway, but can also be the main photo spot for your guests. Here’s what we mean:

balloon arch photo op
Natalie’s citrus themed bridal shower 💍
  1. It Creates the Ultimate Experience For People

As humans, we value experience and people are more likely to remember things that are thoroughly thought through and extra effort is clearly put in. By creating a photo op for your guests at your events, you’re creating an ultimate experience for them and by doing that, you’re making yourself memorable. 

We hope you can see how creating photo ops isn’t just about the Instagram likes and viral TikToks. It’s about the moments and memories that you help people create.

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