How To Create a Bloom Bar at Your Next Girl Gang Event πŸ’

A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of planning and setting up a fiesta boho themed pool party for the team at Clarity Skin and Beauty featuring a bloom bar as a main activity!

clarity skin and beauty
Clarity Skin and Beauty Team Party | July 2022

When they reached out, they already had an idea of what they wanted the theme to be, so we were able to take their vision and run with it.Β 

For the party decor, we incorporated traditional fiesta colors and items and then dreamed up a boho bloom bar to double as the party favor, as everyone was able to build and take home their very own flower bouquet! 🌸🌼

A bloom bar is the perfect activity to add to a girls birthday party, bridal shower, baby shower, or even a bachelorette and is much easier to create than you might think!

For the bloom bar setup, you’ll need:

  • Fresh flowers

For this event, we purchased all of our flowers from Kroger. They had a huge selection and the flowers were beautiful! You can also snag a few extra packets of complimentary flower food while you’re there.

As far as the amount of flowers, that will depend on your guest count. For this event, we had 12 people total so we opted for 7-8 different bunches of various types of flowers, such as roses, daisies, etc. and 2-3 bunches of large fillers, like baby’s breath and eucalyptus.

This amount allowed each guest to create a bouquet with 3-5 large flowers in each.

Pro Tip: trim your flowers beforehand so that your guests can skip that step during the bouquet building process.

  • Flower buckets or vases of different shapes & sizes

We used a mixture of metal planters from Dollar Tree and glass vases that we already had on hand.

A cool hack that we found when researching this setup was using inexpensive plastic trash bins. Really anything can work, just make sure that you’re using containers that match the style of your event!

  • Risers, placemats & other set up decor

Depending on your theme, the actual set  up of your bloom bar will be very specific to you. For this event, we stayed with the boho natural look for everything, so we utilized wooden risers, wicker baskets and woven placemats for additional decor.

For your event, you can incorporate colorful tablecloths, balloons and other items that best suit your theme.

  • A large roll of kraft paper or other bouquet wraps

This doubled as our tablecloth and bouquet wraps to keep the boho natural look. You could also opt for kraft paper bags or plastic flower bags depending on how you want your guests to carry their flowers home.

To speed things up during the building process, we pre-cut the kraft paper into the correct sizing for bouquet wraps so the guests could easily wrap their flowers once they’ve picked their pieces.

  • Satin ribbon or jute twine

To complete the bouquet wraps, you’ll need ribbon or twine to tie them up nicely. We chose twine to stay within our theme!

  • Signage

To complete your bloom bar setup, add signage to your flower buckets to designate what type of flowers your guests can choose from, hang a bloom bar banner, utilize chalkboards or have a letterboard like we did! 

To create the best experience for your guests, we suggest setting up your bloom bar on a long table so that multiple people can create their flower bouquets at one time.

Overall, this is one of our favorite activities to incorporate at events as it provides a twist on entertainment and gives people something unique to take home!

Try it out at your next girl gang event and make sure to tag us on Instagram 😍

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